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Companion - Reap The Lost Dreamers - Rav US - 1977

California West Coast, Heavy Progressive from 1977.

Memphis-based Companion arose out of the ashes of Prog Rock band Leviathan, when guitarist Grady Timble left and his replacement Brit Warner joined in. While -according to the band's leader Waine Bradley- the band wrote its best material during the 6-month existence of the new line-up, personal conflicts led to the dissolution in 1974.Warner and Bradley continued to work together on their own ideas and created this project, inviting Mike Russell on keyboards and guitarist Andy Tate, while their only release ''Reap the lost dreamers'' (1974, Rav Records) was recorded with the help of drummer Bill Lineberry. This is another proof of how unique and underrated the 70's US Prog scene is. While Companion's music veers towards Folk Rock, the arrangements are highly eclectic. The short pieces of the opening side are the folkiest ones, this side contains elaborate Folk Rock with spacey synthesizers and organ use and light psychedelic vibes, mainly performed on acoustic guitars with a few naughty electric vibes akin to Yes, while lead vocals are close to Jon Anderson' style. Lovely work on string ensemble by Russell and some delicate, bucolic melodies. Beginning with the the 6-min. ''The lonely reaper'' there seems to be a change of scenery. Sound now sits somewhere between smooth Folk Rock and melancholic Space/Symphonic Rock with emotional guitar solos and more pronounced use of atmospheric keyboards and piano, vocals start to fit nicely to the semi-cosmic atmosphere and the combination of pastoral touches with keyboard-laden Art Rock works almost perfectly. The long tracks are definitely progressive with changing themes and smooth instrumental interactions. The album was pressed in 1000 copies, mainly distributed to local media, and received some scarce radio airplay. Companion fell apart shortly afterwards. Today, Waine Bradley runs his own production company.

A1 Blackbird 00:00 Written-By – Lennon-McCartney
A2 To The Better Days 03:26 Written-By – Beth Nielsen Chapman, Brit Warner
A3 The Child Goes On 07:15 Drums, Percussion – Shof BeaversWritten-By – Brit Warner
A4 The Lonely Reaper 11:13 Written-By – Brit Warner
A5 Prelude To The Lost Dreamers / Wine For Dreamers / Dreamer's Final 17:37
Written-By – Mike Russell (4), Wain Bradley
B1 You Will Know 25:17 Written-By – Brit Warner, Mike Russell (4), Wain Bradley
B2 Lost My Past To You 28:12 Written-By – Ginnie Cannon, Wain Bradley
B3 Second Chance 34:05 Written-By – Brit Warner, Wain Bradley

Bonus Track
B4 Anytyme, Anywhere 37:32 Written-By – Brit Warner

Drums, Percussion – Bill Lineberry
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar [12-string], Backing Vocals – Andy Tate
Electric Piano [Rmi], Synthesizer [Eml 101], Synthesizer [Arp Strings Ensemble], Organ [Hammond], Backing Vocals – Mike Russell (4)
Engineer – Brit Warner, Wain Bradley
Producer – Companion (3)
Vocals, Bass Guitar, Synthesizer [Arp 2600], Keyboards – Wain Bradley
Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar [12-string], Keyboards – Brit Warner

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Frank Zappa - The Oval Cricket Ground - London UK - 16, September, 1972

Audience Recording - Notes: The master has excellent sound but it appears that the taper stopped his
recorder during some of the long breaks between songs, missing some of
FZ's announcements and a couple of beginnings of songs.

1. Soundcheck/tuning
2. Big Swifty
The Adventures of Gregory Peccary:
3. Intro
4. 1st movement: Gregory wakes up & drives to work
5. 2nd movement: Gregory invents the calendar
6. 3rd movement: Gregory is attacked by the Hunchmen
7. 4th movement: The New Brown Clouds
8. Preamble to Think It Over
9. Think It Over
10. Preamble To Dog Meat
11. Dog Meat
12. Preamble To Penis Dimension
13. Penis Dimension
14. Variant Processional March/Regyptian Strut
15. Post-FZ Announcement

Jay Migliori; flute, saxophone, clarinet 
Mike Altschul; piccolo, bass clarinet 
Ray Reed; saxophone, clarinet 
Charles Owen; saxophone, clarinet 
Joanne Caldwell McNab; bassoon 
Earle Dumler; oboe 
Jerry Kessler; cello 
Malcolm McNab; trumpet 
Sal Marquez; trumpet 
Tom Malone; tuba 
Bruce Fowler; trombone 
Glenn Ferris; trombone 
Ken Shroyer; trombone 
Ian Underwood; synthesizer, elec piano
Jim Gordon; drums 
Dave Parlato, bass 
Tony Duran; slide guitar 
Tom Raney; percussion 
Ruth Underwood; percussion 
Frank Zappa; guitaR

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention - The Mothers Years 1966-2009 - 2011

Two 1 hour audio collage programs featuring the incredible, unique, obscure music of Frank Zappa and the Mothers intertwined with rare radio interviews about the music, hippies, the band, recording sessions and more also remixes from the recent "Lumpy Money Project" as well as clips from various documentary's, interviews and live tracks including the last song and kaos that ensued after the Montreux Casino fire in 1971 immortalized by Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water. So enjoy two hours of Zappa and the Mothers. - Produced, edited, mixed by Skidmark Bob.


Playlist by track, release and year:

Part 1

Mother People - We're only in it for the money 1968
Freak Out List 2010 Documentary edit
Motherly Love - Freak Out! 1966
Who Are The Brain Police - Freak Out! 1966
WFMT Detroit Radio Chicago with Studs Terkel 1968 - WDET Detroit 1967 - (Radio Interview edit) 
Who needs the Peace Corps (1984 Remix) - We're only in it for the money 1968
Concentration moon Live - Playground psychotics 1992
Flower Punk, Are you Hung Up (1984 Remix) - We're only in it for the money 1968
BBC Late Show 1993 (Radio Interview edit) 
Hungry Freaks - Freak Out! 1966
The chrome plated megaphone of destiny (1984 Remix) - We're only in it for the money 1968
WLOS Milwaukee WI with Bob Reitman 1968 - WDET Detroit 1967 (Radio Interview edit) 
Trouble Everyday - Roxy & elsewhere 1974
200 Motels Ad
The Slime - Over-nite sensation 1973
My Guitar Wants to Kill your Mama - Weasels ripped my flesh 1970
The Voice of Cheese - Uncle Meat 1969
Zomby Woof - Over-nite sensation 1973
Unit 2, Take 9 - The Lumpy Money ProjectObject 2009

Part 2

Lumpy Gravy Part 1 (1984 Remix) - Lumpy Gravy 1966
Take Your clothes off when You dance (instrumental) - Lumpy Gravy Part2
A typical sound check - Playground psychotics 1992
Hot Poop Remix 1984 - The Lumpy Money ProjectObject 2009
Dense Slight - The Lumpy Money ProjectObject 2009
Super grease, Cruisin' for burgers - Playground psychotics 1992
Bow Tie Daddy 1984 Remix - The Lumpy Money ProjectObject 2009
You there, with the hard on, Zanti serenade - Playground psychotics 1992
WLOS Milwaukee WI with Bob Reitman 1968 - (Radio Interview edit) 
Cheap Thrills - Cruising with Ruben & the jets 1968
BBC Late Show 1993 - Break up of the Mothers
Peaches En Regalia - Hot Rats 1969
BBC Late Show 1993 - Reform of the Mothers (Radio Interview edit) 
Semi Fraudulent Direct From Hollywood Overture - 200 Motels
Nasal retentive calliope music - We're only in it for the money 1968
Smoke on the water story - Deep Purple doc
King Kong, Fire/Swiss Cheese Fire! 1971 - Last song Montreux Casino fire
You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here - Freak Out 1966

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Procol Harum - Procal Harum - IL Records - 1967 - Italian Press 1st LP

A rare 1967 Italian first pressing of Procol Harum’s self-titled debut album, with a unique psychedelic cover and a song sung in Italian!

During the second half of the 1960’s, artists including The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds and Stevie Wonder recorded songs in Italian, in an effort to have hit singles in that market.  The original Italian issue of Procol Harum’s debut featured a unique take on the regular album cover, printed in a beautiful psychedelic pink (and laminated), and the song “Shine on Brightly” (the title cut from their second album in the rest of the world) sung in phonetic Italian by the band’s singer, Gary Brooker, and retitled “Il Tuo Diamante”.  Also unique to this release is that the song “Repent Walpurgus” was retitled “Fortuna” (“luck” in English).


A Saucerful of Secrets is the second studio album by the English rock band Pink Floyd, released on 29 June 1968 by EMI Columbia in the United Kingdom and released on 27 July 1968 in the United States by Tower Records. The album was recorded before and after Syd Barrett's departure from the group. With Barrett's behavior was becoming increasingly unpredictable, he was forced to leave the band and David Gilmour was recruited in January 1968.

As a result, A Saucerful of Secrets became the only non-compilation Pink Floyd album on which all five band members appeared, the first for Gilmour, with him appearing on five songs ("Let There Be More Light", "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sunrise", "Corporal Clegg", "A Saucerful Of Secrets" and "See Saw"), and the last for Barrett, with him on three ("Remember A Day", "Jugband Blues" and "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun". "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" was the only song all five members appeared on together. The band's drummer, Nick Mason has declared A Saucerful of Secrets to be his favorite Pink Floyd album

Personnel: David Gilmour - Guitar, Vocals / Roger Waters - Bass, Percussion, Vocals, Syd Barrett - Vocals, Guitar / Nick Mason - Drums, Percussion, Vocals  /Richard Wright - Piano, Keyboards.

Track Listing: Let there Be More Light/Remember the Day/Set The Controls For The Heart Of the Sunrise/Corporal Clegg/A Saucerful of Secrets (4 Parts)/See-Saw/Jugband Blues.


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Clifford Jordan - Cliff Jordan - Blue Note 1565 - Jazz - 1957

Track Listing:

St. John's
Not Guilty
Blue Shoes
Beyond The Blue Horizon

Features Lee Morgan, Curtis Fuller, Ray Bryant, Paul Chambers and Art Taylor.

Lee Morgan (trumpet -1,4,5) Curtis Fuller (trombone -1/4) John Jenkins (alto sax) Clifford Jordan (tenor sax) Ray Bryant (piano) Paul Chambers (bass) Art Taylor (drums).

Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, June 2, 1957